Voice of the White House

September 24, 2009

Washington, D.C.: "Bits and Pieces of Interest: Obama is caught between the military and his supporters over the Afghanistan situation. He promised to get out and the Army wants him to stay. It has been pointed out to him that no foreign military power has ever beaten down the people of that country and he is well aware of it. The Russians, who do not like the Afghanistans are also furious about the immense flood of drugs coming from that country, drugs that are causing terrible death tolls among their young people. They have offered to assist Obama with the agreement that he will defoliate the immense Afghan opium fields. Sounds like a good deal but guess who is making huge off the books money dealing in the raw opium? The CIA who transport it to Columbia for refining into heroin. A joke? Something seen on a nut blog? No, all too true. Not all of the CIA but a small group of top people make the money. Do they want to cut this off? No, they do not. Also, the public is getting very restive about Obama's promises made during the campaign. Mr. Smith went to Washington and caved in, many believe. This country is now as corrupt at a South American one with business calling all the shots. Congressmen are for sale, bribes are the norm, not the exception and the public is getting fed up with the openness of the corruption, vice and bribe. If Obama doesn't crap or get off the pot, there are some interesting times ahead for all of us. God help the overlords and bosses when the public gets angry. Read Carlysle's book on the origins of the French Revolution and also the famous Bolshevik coup in Petrograd for starters. There is an old, and very, very valid statement that they who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it."