Voice of the White House

November 24, 2017

Washington, D.C.:
I regularly help a friend with a very elite business assess potential workers. I am amazed at the almost total lack of knowledge on the part of recent college & university graduates, although a large number of these alleged developers of higher learning are nothing but money-making scams. One graduate, with honors, had no idea where Egypt (‘Next to Mexico?' said one recently) was and another thought that Lake Erie was in Arizona. And the worst of these ill-educated ones all carried some kind of cell phone or tablet, and during my interview, they were constantly fishing their electronic toys out of their pocket or purse and having brief and mindless bursts of talk with their callers. All of these useless creatures were told how excited I was in looking over their applications and that I would get back to them very soon. The applications went straight into the shredder and I armed myself for the next applicant. If these honor graduates represent the cream of American intelligentsia, I shudder to contemplate the future. I call this the 'Curse of the Millennials' or the 'Triumph of Matter Over Mind.'