Voice of the White House

March 24, 2020

Washington, D.C.:
The public, domestic and foreign, initially were horrified by the media-created horror stories about a purported deadly Chinese plague that was descending on the world and which would kill millions in its progress. All of this hype, which was initially very effective, was not designed to alert the public to coming dangers but solely to increase public interest in a serious subject and to gather paid readers (or subscribers). This worked to a degree, but the results of the wholly invented fear campaign were that many American and foreign businesses and their employees suffered severe economic losses. The media obviously does not care about damage to the public but they do care, very seriously, about the loss of paid readers and the resulting loss of advertising income. This death plague fiction will eventually vanish, but the wreckage of the economic and social structures severely damaged by it will take a long time to recover. A solution? If you subscribe to media that publishes scare propaganda, unsubscribe at once.