Voice of the White House

March 24, 2016

Washington, D.C.:
'Terror can only be broken with counter-terror.' Adolf Hitler said this at a situation conference discussing partisan activity. And in the occupied eastern territories, such as European Russia and the Balkans, he did just that. The partisans were vicious, murdering wounded soldiers and trying to create fear and havoc among the German military. SS and Police units were brought in and turned loose on the partisans and from official German records, at least 700,000 partisans, Communists, Jews and local rebels were put to death. It is interesting to consider that the rich Sunni Saudis were the organizers of the Sunni Islamic State and the United States CIA helped arm them with full Turkish support. Once Putin involved himself in the civil war in Syria and wreaked havoc with the looted oil and free-ranging IS people, the tide began to change. Press stories about 'American led coalition' action against IS are fictional, but now that Turkey is having serious problems with her break-away Kurdish population, the coalition is showing signs of disintegrating. But they are still capable of Brussels-type terrorism and perhaps, to start a smallpox plague. As it is impossible to deal with fanatics, the comments by Hitler should be taken seriously by Western countries threatened by The Islamic State.