Voice of the White House

March 24, 2008

“Take a long, realistic, look at your financial situation. If you have huge credit card debts, can’t reup your mortgages any more, and have no additional income, think about your choices. You can stand pat, hoping desperately that ‘things will improve,’ or consider the alternatives.

In the past, most Americans were terrified of getting bad credit so they struggled to pay their bills. Now, with millions of Americans in heavy debt, due to easy credit and their own greed, just walking away from their debt, being it credit card or mortgage, is the best and only solution for you.

If everyone has bad credit, the only way the banks and other institutions can stay in business is to lift their bars to loans because if they do not, they will all go out of business.

If two people refuse to pay their taxes, they are arrested and put in jail or fined. This information is duly given to the media to discourage others. But if ten million people, or more, refuse to pay their taxes (and they can’t thanks to the payroll deduction program) then prosecution becomes impossible.

If millions walk away from their credit card debts, the companies will go after the ones who are still paying and jack up their bills because if they don’t, they will go out of business. Then the “responsible ones” will also pack up and leave and the credit card giants will go belly-up faster than flies land on shit.

The trick is to get out in time before your payment of bills overwhelms what little savings or cash you might have. Don’t wait until you are broke before walking away.

Most people are frightened of having bad credit but if everyone but the very rich have deserted their bills, you are in the catbird seat. All American business has to extend credit to the public or they will die right on the vine so bad credit, or no credit, will become so common that new rules will be invented, rules with high sounding names like ‘probationary credit advances’ and so on, so it can still be business as usual. Just pack up and walk away, folks, walk away and fuck the greedy bastards.

And try not to get into the same bind again. Yes, I know, all your friends, family and neighbors were gorging at the table but one day, the food will run out and you have nothing in the kitchen to eat but dog food and a jar of pile ointment to spread on moldy bread.

Pretty soon, they will throw you out of your house and you will live in the park and finally eat the dog and maybe one of the smaller children. Like the rising ocean levels (six inches in the last year) debt will bury you. If the ocean is lapping at your front door, you will have to move somewhere but why wait until all the high ground in the neighborhood is taken by others? Be the first to save yourself.

Hey, throw the women and children out of the lifeboats and let the strong men get in. Chivalry has been dead for a long time and survival has no etiquette.

Walk away, friends, before you have to run away. While you can still walk, that is.”