Voice of the White House

June 24, 2012

Washington, D.C.: A Presidential election is coming up in November and an enormous amount of very serious news is being suppressed in the media. The first issue is one of massive unemployment that is growing daily. The old time entry level jobs and part time jobs have totally vanished and only those who are skilled in certain technology fields like the computer world can find work. Other blue collar jobs have been shipped overseas because of huge very cheaply paid workers and this by the same non-taxed rich who fiercely support the far Republican right. The second issue deals with the looming mortgage scandal wherein sixty million Americans will never get ownership of their mortgaged home because the big banks put millions of mortgages into 'financial packages' and stuffed these like sausages. To this day, no one knows who actually owns a mortgage, so millions of unsuspecting Americans are just paying rent for property they have no title to.