Voice of the White House

June 24, 2013

Washington, D.C.:
The Guardian has caused an unholy uproar in the halls of Congress, the FBI, the NSA and the CIA, with their revelations of massive spying on millions of Americans and foreigners. If this is being done to detect terrorists, then there must be tens of millions of terrorists loose in the United States or the agencies are looking for more power and the Obama people are trying to find a way to stifle any criticism of their endless wars. We have heard loud claims from the agencies that their actions have saved Americans from terrorist attacks. These claims were quickly squashed and now the spooks are trying to come up with some other lie that will take off the heat. It is rather interesting to note that the Russians warned the FBI about the senior Boston marathon bomber three years before he blew three people up and ripped the legs off of many more. There are two distinct possibilities here. The first one is that they turned him, as one source says promising him American citizenship in exchange for his cooperation and then promptly lost track of him and the second is that they simply forgot about him. Tell that to the legless ones. And recall the ludicrous story about the friend of the bomber who was shot six times by an FBI agent during a midnight interview. It was claimed he pulled a knife but none ever surfaced. One wonders what the dead one knew and, perhaps, threatened to expose.