Voice of the White House

January 24, 2012

Washington, D.C.:
"With a growing official tendency to limit personal freedoms, it is astonishing to read that the basically right wing Supreme Court has knocked off the Obama administration's spreading tentacles of public control. I know several FBI people and they laugh about how they started, and own, Internet II and how they can stick a GPS bug 'on any car we like and track anyone in the country whenever we like.' The public is becoming more and more aware of the trend and the recent public uproar over Internet control Obama lovingly launched has caused much frustration and even bitterness in the White House. 'We are only protecting them from terrorists!' they bleat on a daily basis. The White House is afraid of a public fed up with rising and permanent unemployment, offshoring of American blue collar jobs, anti-union far right Republicans and on and on. They are afraid the Republicans might actually find a candidate that is both intelligent and sane and then Obama is a one-termer just like the first Bush. And so the DHS spies on everyone, as does the FBI and even the DoD. No phone call is private, no computer safe and no safe deposit box inviolate. Eventually the public will erupt, but hopefully, the White House hopes, not until after the November elections."