Voice of the White House

October 23, 2011

Washington, D.C.:
"Having breakfast today at the Cosmos Club on Massachusetts Avenue, I sat next to a table with three top CIA people. One, I know personally and he is a Deputy Director. They were talking about Libya and Ghadaffi's rather unpleasant killing. One said, very clearly: "Well, the raghead had to die. If they ever put him on trial, he could talk about his deals with us and there would be serious trouble." It is known very widely here that both the Army and, especially, the CIA, have people working with the Libyan rebels and shooting Ghadaffi would be child's play for the latter. The President has told Panetta that he wants 'no CIA screw-ups' before the elections. Their murderous activity with drones aimed at Pakistani civilians is making more trouble and will have to slow way down or vanish, at least until after the elections. It is well known inside the Beltway that the CIA kills people the way cows pee: quick and easy. The Army hates the CIA because the latter are creating terrible problems in Afghanistan and Pakistan by their murderous assaults on the civilian populations. They love to do these dirty deeds dressed in Army uniforms and operating out of Army bases. Repeated military requests for Obama to stop this and force the CIA to murder people from their own bases has met with firm denial from the President. We will all pay for this someday when a furious Muslim releases smallpox germs in downtown Miami, for revenge motives."