Voice of the White House

October 23, 2010

Washington, D.C.:
"The Great Mortgage Scam is beginning its inexorable avalanche down the side of the mountain while the frantic banking industry and a fully-cooperative Obama administration is trying to both stop the disaster by ignoring it and pulling out all the stops to persuade the media to look elsewhere. None of this pathetic squealing will have the slightest effect because there is no way to conceal the basic fact that 64 million American mortgage holders can never, ever, get a clear title to their homes or businesses because the crooked mortgage industry, supported by many government agencies such as MERS, has sliced and diced their mortgage and sold bits and pieces of it to overseas investors. All the bleatings and babblings will not conceal this fact nor, in the end, delude the public into forgetting the dismal fact that they have been screwed by their government and its crooked banker friends... again."