Voice of the White House

March 23, 2015

Washington D.C.:
Certainty is illusion and the illusion here is the often-stated belief that Israel is 'America's very best friend.' This obviously is not true and put about to reassure Jewish voters. The truth is that Israel is the Spanish Fly in the Middle East political ointment and has been stirring up serious problems for everyone ever since 1948. Their prime mininster Bibi has a serious mouth and attitude problem as witness his bellowings of late concerning the fact that the United States is trying to establish sensible relations with Iran. Bibi wants this country to bomb all their enemies flat and when we refuse, roars with rage under the mistaken belief that he and his country are important. If it weren't for American support, Israel would be of less importance, and trouble, than the Spratley Islands. Bibi got re-elected so he can continue slaughtering women and children in Gaza and, in private, call Obama a 'Goddam Nigger' (as he did recently to their ambassador in Washington).