Voice of the White House

June 23, 2010

Washington, D.C.:
"All matter of interesting subjects boiling in the pot these days. Sacking a General in Afghanistan who really did not want to get the blame for Obama’s coming military failures there. And, of course, the oil spill in the Gulf, now the subject of many idiot blogs about huge gas bubbles, cracked ocean floors, false flag operations and on and on.

If Yellowstone erupted tomorrow, count on it, the bloggers would drag the fictional Sorcha Faal out of retirement and talk about 'Tesla death rays,' evil plots by the Bilderburgers, the Illuminati, the Skull and Bones Society, and the CFR people.

The Jews, both in Israel and the United States, are furious that their piracy is being criticized. How dare the world criticize sacred Israel? Well, they have seen to it that the mainline media in America keeps very quiet.

However, they cannot stifle comment elsewhere and Israel is being roasted. The Internet is daring to comment on this business so the treacherous Lieberman now wants to muzzle the Internet.

Here I have a nasty joke while talking about Treacherous Joe. His wife, Hadessa, was tormenting their illegal Honduran maid. (‘Awfully stupid but we pay her two dollars an hour and she eats what’s left over of the dog’s dinner and we make her sleep in the garage.’) when maid yelled up at Mrs.Lieberman: 'Mrs. Lieberman, the garbage man is here!' And the response was 'Tell him we don’t want any this week!'

This, of course will annoy the Political Correctness assholes but I rather enjoyed it when I heard it. I do know how Joe keeps the flies out of his living room. He takes his dumps in the hall."