Voice of the White House

June 23, 2009

Washington, D.C.:
“With the appearance, though not the public appearance, of a scorching confidential Russian government report about incredible theft and corruption in Russia, starting with Yeltsin, whom they claim was a paid CIA (alchoholic) agent, and running up to the present day, we also learn that Bernie Madoff took billions of his looted money and stashed it in Israeli banks and businesses. Many of us knew this, but the wonderful media carefully looked the other way. The basic thesis of the long Russian report is that a gang of Russian street thugs, all Jewish, got together with the CIA and the Mossad, and looted Russia of hundreds of billions of dollars in gold, precious stones, oil, and other worthwhile items. And they gleefully stashed all of this loot in US, European and Israeli banks. Now, Putin wants it back and I suspect he is going to clean house in Russia very soon, before he gets the Ukraine back that is. It is really amazing about the total lack of integrity among our bankers. They took in billions in what were obviously looted Russian assets, then took in, and quickly sold off, billions of dollars worth of what the top bankers knew very well to be worthless mortgages. And then, when a subservient Paulson gave them billions, they took it all and stuffed it into their pockets, bought more private jets, and had million dollar private bathrooms installed in their executive suites. Of course, the public pays for this. I heard a far-right Republican yesterday say that Obama was a socialist and was grabbing up all kinds of important businesses. He went on about free trade until I pointed out that under the Bush/Cheney reign, business was given a completely free hand and as a result, they looted everything in sight but the Lincoln Memorial and ruined our economy.”