Voice of the White House

July 23, 2008

Washington, D.C.: “What America is now facing is the title of O’Neill’s play, ‘A Long Day’s Journey Into Night.’ Congress has rushed through a Band-Aid bill to ‘help’ home owners, but it is far too little and far too late to do any good. Major banks like Wachovia, Chase, and Bank of America are tottering and no one is lending money to anyone anymore. Credit is drying up, evictions rise, along with gas and food prices and unemployment is just behind all of them but rising. Some of this collapse is the result of overextension, some the result of greed and much more the ineptness of the Bush administration, but the fact is, we are teetering on the edge of the quarry cliff and what is coming is slow disintegration. None of this could have come at a worse time. Bush has no reputation and no power, a major election is coming, and no one in Congress knows what to do. All of these statements are obvious, but aside from bits and pieces here and there, our worthless press says little. Russia has told Estonia that if she allows a U.S. ‘Missle Shield’ to be installed in that country, Russia will respond at once with military action. Serious stuff. Did you see this on CBS? On Fox? No, you did not. You didn’t see it anywhere that I can find. Either our media is useless or they do as they are told. When the whole country is in a shambles and we are taking wheelbarrows of million dollar bills to the store to buy a bottle of skim milk full of dead ants, then we can look back on the last few years with joy.”