Voice of the White House

February 23, 2012

Washington, D.C.:
"I got an interesting bit of input on the subject of the Koran burnings in Afghanistan. My source has been very reliable, works officially with such matters in the DEA, and said that the burning was not accidental but deliberate and done to cause violent responses in Afghanistan. Who did this and why did they do it? His contention, and he is in a position to know, is that the man and woman who burned these books (a large box full, not the 'two used books' the media is now talking about) were a man and a woman wearing American military uniforms. There were a number of Afghans working in the immediate vicinity and they stated that neither of the burners were wearing any kind of insignia. The only Americans in Afghanistan who are permitted to wear American military uniforms sans insignia are the CIA. These are the same people who launch so-called 'killer drones' from Army bases against civilian targets in Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, and Pakistan. My informant said, very clearly, that the CIA is trying to prevent an American withdrawal from Afghanistan because they are heavily involved in the exportation of the huge national opium market, and if American troops were withdrawn, it would only be a matter of time before the Taliban regained control. As the Taliban are opposed to the growing and export of opium and its products, the conclusions are certainly very reasonable."