Voice of the White House

May 22, 2017

Washington, D.C.:
Much uproar about the Trump visit to Saudi Arabia. His lecturing the Saudis about cooperating in ridding the area of fanatics is hilarious in view of the fact that the Saudis are the ones who started ISIS and persuaded the CIA and Special Forces, with the consent of Washington, to arm and train them. It has been the Sunni Saudi scheme to establish a Greater Sunni Reich and exterminate their deadly foes, the Shiites. Iran is a Shiite country and so is Yemen where the Saudis are doing their best, armed with American weapons, to obliterate them in imitation of the Turkish butchery of a million Armenians and their hope to kill even more Kurds. Trump accused the Saudis of being the mainstay of the 9/11 attacks before he was elected but the Saudis dangled money in front of him and he snapped at it like a trout at a fruit fly.