Voice of the White House

June 22, 2014

Washington, D.C.:
All an interested person has to do to discover the global rage at American spying and use of force or its threat is to read foreign news sites. American news sites are notoriously shy in discussing such matters, mainly because they are ordered not to, but outside this growing police state, the truth is much easier to locate. And if America is now being dragged into yet another debilitating war, we can thank our wonderful friends in the CIA. After all, they caused the Ukraine Orange Revolution and when that failed, instigated a riot and a putch in Kiev to put in a US-obedient regeime, run by a notorious crook. But like all CIA operations, this one failed as well and now foreign-financed ISIS rebels in Iraq are totally destabilizing that area. More troops sent off to their deaths and more enormous costs are pushed onto the American people. Eventually, as the German's say, the shovel gets full.