Voice of the White House

July 22, 2014

Washington, D.C.:
I notice the rigged media howling about how the evil Putin is shooting down Malaysian aircraft. What a bad man! How fortunate we are to have a wonderful leader like Obama, supported by the nutty McCain and others of his ilk. The more one digs into the shoot-down, the more obvious it is that Kiev's chocolate oligarch ordered it, hoping to pay back the rebels for defying him. That he was destroying himself and his CIA-backed regime is obviously not apparent either to himself or to Washington. I recall that in 1956, the senior CIA man, Frank Wisner, promised dissidents in Hungary full American support in the event they rebelled against the Russian puppet government. When Eisenhower refused to support the rebellion, and it was crushed by Russian military intervention, Wisner shot himself. That was a wise move. And that situation was mirrored by the CIA involvement in Guatemala over the United Fruit business. Another CIA failure. And the Russians, and others, know that the Greenpeace-CIA assault on the Gazprom Arctic drilling rig also failed. And one hears, and reads private papers, that there is going to be an attempt to convince Canada to allow American troops to set up bases along their northern Arctic coast to confront Russian Arctic involvements. But that project, like so many others, will deflate and blow away. And I note a new and very large oil field has been discovered off the coast of Ireland. Can we expect an American military occupation of that country to establish True Democracy and to assist a puppet government to seriously and properly develop their liquid assets? In point of fact, we are running out of oil, in spite of the fictional claims to vast amounts of fracking low quality oil. And when the American public discovers that gas has gone to $10.00 a gallon, they will become restive and unhappy. Restive and unhappy citizens will then be able to visit FEMA camps for periods of reorientation, rehabilitation and bad food. Rising sea levels, increasingly bad winters, and deadly droughts are even now all coming upon us (as a manifestation of God's will in support of True Democracy) and I believe the proper answer is to put a barbed wire fence around the entire national perimeter and make all the encased inmates stand for count at 4 PM daily. And always look for the truth in my jest.