Voice of the White House

July 22, 2010

Washington, D.C.:
“Everywhere you look now, all you can see, hear or feel are spies. The FBI, the NSA, the TSA and dozens of other agencies are very actively spying on all of you and it is going to get much, much worse and invasive as time goes on.

All of our once private personal information to include: bank accounts, credit information, mortgages, safe-deposit boxes, travel, telephone and computer personal messages, business communications, and even the most intimate personal medical information are at the beck and call of an ever-expanding domestic intelligence network.

Hairy-eared morons in offices all across the country are reading our lives, laughing at us and filing information in endless computer files. Not one thing you, or even your children in school, do, escapes the notice of the baboon brigades.

Is this because the American public are secret Muslim terrorists? Enormous gangs of pedophiles? Secret assassins? No, just because they are there and a source of amusement, and justification, for the asshole clubs.

The no-fly lists have tiny babies and dead grandfathers on them. No one knows why but mark me, not one name will ever be taken off of these fascist compilations and if you complain, your name goes on yet another list.

Every telephone company rushes to pour confidential information into the laps of the eager FBI and the NSA reads all your computer mail and, via their own personal communications satellites controls, listens in on each and every overseas telephone call.

The DHS, as ripe a collection of knuckle-draggers as ever graced a zoo, not only snoops into your bank accounts domestically but has its hired goons prying into all manner of foreign bank accounts.

For example, they have been digging into the private foreign accounts of the Saudi royal family for some time now. Here is an example of the degree and extent that the bureaucracy is watching, and reporting on, us.

Let’s take the Internet information site, Google.

This information service and now, advertising groupie, is considered in the intelligence world as a key asset. In the past it supplied the core search technology for Intellipedia, a highly-secured online CIA system and has shared, and is continuing to share, a close relationship with both the CIA, NSA, and government national security officials Google works very closely with both the CIA and NSA and top CIA people are now on the Google payroll. Also, note that In-Q-Tel, a venture capital firm established by the CIA, also had a hand in creating the wildly popular social network Facebook.

The second round of funding into Facebook ($US12.7 million) came from venture capital firm Accel Partners. Its manager James Breyer was formerly chairman of the National Venture Capital Association, and served on the board with Gilman Louie, CEO of In-Q-Tel,

Solution: ‘Call the exterminators, Tom, the pests are everywhere!’”