Voice of the White House

January 22, 2015

Washington D.C.:
On the one hand, given the dangerous threats of Muslim fanatics to attack targets in the United States, the surveillance of Internet traffic is a necessary evil, but on the other, those who perform these actions, have decided to expand their efforts to include any individual or group inside the United States that might in the future prove to be hostile to authority. All agencies need government subsidies to survive and all agencies constantly seek the means to expand their efforts, gain more internal power and have the rational to request greater funding from Congress. And to claim, as the press often does, that the President and his top aides have no knowledge of the growing encroachment on the private and harmless lives of its citizens is complete nonsense. None of the national leaders want a repeat of the immense and very serious public protests of the Vietnam War, so the increasing spying on the public will never stop and will only increase in volume and depth.