Voice of the White House

December 22, 2016

Washington, D.C.:
The militant Hezbollah, based in southern Lebanon, has, since the last Israeli incursion into Lebanon, amassed an enormous arsenal of 130,000 surface to surface missiles, some GPS-controlled and very accurate, as well as advanced air protection systems, largely provided by both Russia, via Syria, and Iran. Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, has spoken of Israel as a 'cancerous tumor' to be eliminated in order to bring peace and prosperity to the Arab world, and of its Ashkenazi inhabitants being destroyed. Hezbollah's arsenal includes over 1,700 long-range Fateh-10 and Scud-D missiles, sophisticated weaponry which carry heavy payloads and can hit any part of Israel. Add to that new Russian anti-tank and anti-ship missiles, and future long planned Israeli operations against Hezbollah are rendered very dangerous to the invaders. With its enormous number of missiles, Hezbollah could rain down huge barrages that will overwhelm Israeli anti-missile defenses, with some 50-60% of their missiles able to penetrate the defective so-called Iron Dome Israeli defenses. Such forthcoming dilemmas are vital for Israel now, given that to await a Hezbollah first strike with this sort of weaponry is to await an enormous massacre of its people. The Israeli government has been frantically agitating American political and military authorities to launch a US carpet bombing campaign against southern Lebanon in order to wipe out probable missile storage and launching sites. The Americans have refused to launch such a program and this refusal has enraged the Israel government. In short, Israel now feels that it will have no option but to act in self-defense and launch preemptive strikes against any possible target in southern Lebanon with the full knowledge that many innocent Lebanese civilians will die as a result. Their only concern is how the world will react. For this reason, false flag operations, purportedly by Hezbollah, with its rocket launchers, against harmless Israeli dummy targets have been planned in detail. The Israeli mistake is to have discussed these false flag operations with their opposite numbers in the United States and some of these communicants have passed this information, in toto, on to other interested parties. Israel is not popular with many top-level American military personnel. To judge by past history, the international reaction will be as before: foreign offices worldwide will condemn violence on both sides, admit Hezbollah is misbehaving - few will call its acts war crimes - but reserve their strongest condemnation for Israel, who is universally seen as a chronic regional provocateur against any Islamic target.