Voice of the White House

August 22, 2010

Washington, D.C.:
“Livid with rage at the collapse of a dim-witted public relations venture, the organs of our government have turned against their own foils. The release of thousands of pages of low-level documentation was intended to give Obama an excuse for pulling out of Afghanistan without drawing the hysterical super-militants of the far right. Instead, the documents supplied to Mr. Assange via the Army and its people created, and is still creating, terrible trouble for the American government and its organs of control.

The brutal personal attacks on Pfc Manning (the obedient New York Times promptly claimed, without any proof whatsoever, that Manning was a rampant homosexual) and subsequently, to claim that Assange was a rapist and molester.

This reeks of the CIA and its long, long and very ugly history of similar vicious smears that we have seen, aimed at individuals and institutions that the government in general, and the CIA in specific, does not like.

During its long existence, the CIA has developed “close and working” connections with American media outlets, to include book publishers, newspapers, television entities, and a growing number of bloggers. This is why sniggering innuendos and gross libels pour out of what is alleged to be a free press whenever the masters speak. Remember the moronic Tom Ridge mouthing dire warnings about red days and pink days, don’t you?

It is interesting to note that accusations of misdeeds in others always seem to reflect the secret sins of the attackers.

Inside the Beltway, it is not a secret that many CIA operatives down at Langley are as queer as a three dollar bill but outside, thanks to the media, they are seen as heroic defenders of the country.

The old question is still very valid: “Who will guard us against the guardians?”