Voice of the White House

September 21, 2009

Washington, D.C.:
“My God, how the mighty have fallen! And by this, I refer to the Republican Party. Once mighty and all prevailing, it has been reduced to something that reminds me very strongly of the old Sells-Floto Freak Show that I once saw as a child. In addition to the bombastic and manic drug addict, Limbaugh and the more than slightly mad Sarah Palin, we can add the buffoon Glen Beck who can’t spell and reminds me of a drunk on speed, Michelle Maglalang, aka Malkin, who has all the cultivated charm of a Pubic Bay bar girl, Ann Coulter who is reputed to be a man, the obviously manic Tom DeLay, once a cockroach remover, latterly Republican Whip in the House of Representatives and after being sacked is now a host on an idiot television show. These shabby and comical misfits now represent the party of Abraham Lincoln and if they have done nothing else, they supply endless hours of unintentional humor with their whining, bellowing and stumbling performances on the national political stage. But the idiot fringe and their even stupider followers aside, there is another aspect to the Republicans that is far more serious. I am referring here specifically to the gathering of thugs, perverts and sadists once known as Blackwater. These knuckle-dragging goons were the brainchild of one Erik Prince. Prince comes from a wealthy Michigan family. His father’s firm manufactures car parts. Prince's father was co-founder of the Family Research Council with Gary Bauer. Prince's sister, Betsy DeVos, is a former chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party and wife of former Amway president Richard DeVos. Prince was an intern in the White House under President George H. W. Bush. Prince and his family are evangelical Christians, heavy contributors to their causes and supporters of all kinds of very strange cult-like so-called ‘Christian’ groups. In 1997 Prince moved to Virginia Beach and personally financed the formation of Blackwater Worldwide. He bought 6,000 acres of the Great Dismal Swamp of North Carolina and set up a school for special operations operators. His Blackwater group produced a number of professional killers who were greatefully put to work by the Bush administration, helping to “pacify” a restive Iraq. The real mission of these thugs was to kill and maim as many Iraqis as possible, torturing them by methods not even the evil CIA could do. A number were captured alive by Iraqis, horribly tortured, burned alive, dismembered and their charred bits and pieces hung up on a local bridge. The excesses of the essentially lawless group were so gross that eventually it got to the point where no one in officialdom wanted to use them so Prince “resigned” as head of the company and changed its name. The name may have changed but like the leopard, it cannot change its spots. At the present time, our beloved CIA is using the ex-Blackwater thugs in Afghanistan, “pacifying” them by sending drones loaded with high explosives into their homes and businesses. As in Iraq, the death toll for civilians is growing rapidly but since the former Blackwater people are, as their ads put it, “fighting for Christ and against the heathen,” I suppose this is OK. Another black eye for the perception of Americans but if it’s for Christ, it must be permitted...”