Voice of the White House

June 21, 2017

Washington, D.C.:
Although it is being kept very quiet in official Washington, it has become known that the once vast Saudi oilfields are being drained of their contents. The degree and extents of this is known, via agents of the CIA now in that country, but the White House has strictly forbidden any public mention of it. If the Saudis run out of oil, the United States will dump them as an ally and the Saudi plans to construct a powerful Sunni Muslim empire in the Middle East will vanish with it. It is known for a certainty that the Saudis set up ISIS to facilitate a Sunni takeover of Shiite countries, especially the hated and feared Iran, and also, that American CIA and Special Forces groups have been arming and training ISIS groups, just at they trained, armed and supplied Al Qaeda units to fight the Russians in Afghanistan back in the 1980s (It was the largest covert operation in CIA history). And on that subject, the only reason the United States has extensive military forces in Afghanistan is to protect the very profitable opium fields. If one looks at maps on Google showing the areas of the poppy fields and then looks at another map showing US troop concentrations in that country, the two are identical.