Voice of the White House

June 21, 2011

Washington, D.C.: "Having read Malaparte's book on revolution, Eric Hoffer's book on the True Believer and Carlyle's work on the French Revolution, I am watching the national political scene with some unhappiness. Our government is no longer trusted by the public. They are seen as corrupt entities, entirely in the hands of the bankers. Politicians now are a pack of lunatics. I could name them but we all know who they are. Secessionists, religious lunatics, deranged populists and creatures I would not let into my house unless they took a bath in Lysol first and kept off both the carpets and the furniture. The economy is collapsing and when the public begins to realize the degree and extent of the MERS mortgage rip-offs, we will surely see mobs in the street and choke on the smell of burning buildings. None of these observations are either manic nor marginal but the political/sociological pot is starting to boil and once it gets going, Obama can stand up on his hind legs and give ten speeches a day but he will be unable to stop the upheavals. No jobs for millions of people, rabid lunatic Republicans trying to do away with Social Security, Medicaid, unemployment and any kind of public health programs are not improving the public's anger but as long as our crooked politicians are stuffing their personal pockets, they do not care. When the explosion comes, as it certainly will, it will be too late. However, there is a bright side to this: Morticians, firemen and makers of body bags will certainly prosper!"