Voice of the White House

January 21, 2017

Washington, D.C.:
The print media once was a major factor in the control of public opinion and as such, fell into the hands of those trying to control it. And for decades this worked to perfection. The controllers wished the public to see something in a certain light and at once the media reflected their desires. And the public swallowed these propaganda essays whole and without relish. This began to slowly unravel with the advent of the Internet. There, alternative views, inconvenient and unacceptable facts to the oligarchy, opinions formed. The last presidential election is illustrative in the frantic attempts on the part of the oligarchy and its press weapon to keep Donald Trump, a stranger to their machinations, from the Oval Office. Disliked as she is, Hillary was a known factor and could easily be dealt with. And her totally unexpected loss, despite frantic howls from the captive media, has wrought havoc and we are now seeing front page stories about marches by militant lesbians against Trump, stories about weeping immigrants being herded into new concentration camps by proto-fascist Trump encouraged minions and invented stories about universal despair and growing grief amongst cultivated foreign leaders. But as this is happening, the American mainline media is rapidly shrinking, like an ice cube in the summer sun, and soon the once vaunted New York Times and Washington Post will be appearing only weekly, full of ads for trips to Guatemala or imitation ivory strap-ons.