Voice of the White House

January 21, 2016

Washington, D.C.:
Both Marx and Clausewitz were correct when the former said that all warfare was economic and the latter said that was an extension of politics. The US has been making limited wars on undefended countries since the end of the first world war and at a very large, and growing, expense. Now, her 'American-led Coalition' attacks on dead camels or empty buildings are becoming an international joke. The Russians are leading any coalition and instead of slaughtering Assads friends, they are creaming ISIS, infuriating our Turkish ally, have cut off all that nice oil everyone was stealing and, best of all, actually feeding the starving people of Syria. Of course the American media somehow forgets to discuss these matters because they are far too busy avoiding livid Israeli supporters who are screaming over America's deals with Iran. George Washington spoke against entangling alliances but those are the only kind we have today.