Voice of the White House

February 21, 2016

Washington, D.C.:
There is strong and growing anger in the United States, and elsewhere, over the menace of mass surveillance of the public by government agencies. Private parties, political organizations, and business entities are all spied on regularly by the governments. If they do not now spy on children, they have the capacity to do so at any time. A business friendly to the government has its rivals spied on and inside information given to them and, let us say, someone who is viewed as a potential political nuisance is also subject to all kinds of surveillance. But what the agencies do not know is that they, themselves, are being spied on and their most secret communications read on a daily basis. For instance, someone was able to obtain a list of the CIA's German governmental individuals who had been subverted by the CIA to pass sensitive information to Langley. This person promptly passed the list to the German BND. Also, very top level discussions about dissing Turkey as an ally, parallel with similar talks about ditching the Saudis (who are running out of oil) are being passed around. How is this mirror-image channel operating? It is called the 'Deep Internet.' This is a system that the government cannot break into, try as they do. It was set up by advanced computer experts to communicate with each other free of domestic spies. That it has expanded is beyond a doubt and someone recently told me that there are no more secrets in the world and the only way for a person to keep a secret is to tell no one else and put nothing down on paper, or file on the Internet.