Voice of the White House

December 21, 2008

Washington, D.C.: “People here are packing their gear for the Great Departure and Cheney is trying to explain that he was right all along. It was OK to rig the war; it was OK to boost his Halliburton stock options by seeing that company get no-bid contracts; it was OK to torture stupid Arabs and hold them locked up forever without any due process. All that was perfectly fine because he says so. The Cheney types have not only destroyed the Republican control over the White House and Congress, they have caused economic disaster by deliberately removing the controls that were designed to prevent what has just been happening. The taxpayers gave billions to the bankers, dear friends of the Bush administration, and won’t tell anyone what they did with the money. They were supposed to start making loans and take care of delinquent mortgage holders but instead, they have hidden the money, continue to pay themselves obscene bonuses, fly to California for a half a million dollars worth of massages and other very negative behavior. They don’t care because they feel no one would dare go after them. I have the very strong feeling that they are in error but we will see about that. And types like this are all trying to find something to shove off onto Obama to deflect growing public anger from themselves. Now that Senator Ted Stevens is toast, all the lobbies on K Street are in mourning because Old Ted was known to take huge payoffs and always perform on cue. These leeches made millions but now they can find another powerful Senator to work with. Does the public benefit? Oh, certainly; always. You know, it might be nice if these crooks would use a little grease when the do the nasty number on our sitdowns.”