Voice of the White House

August 21, 2013

Washington, D.C.:
From the moment that the Guardian started pubishing the devastating inside intelligence material about the enormous domestic spying programs now working full tilt inside the country, there has been frenzy, fury and fear manifested in the higher levels of government. The President, according to a friend in the White House, is screaming for Edward Snowden's head and various other agencies are working over time with the burn bags and egging computer geeks into greater action in cleansing their computer files of damaging information. Obama, furious at being balked at by Putin in the matter of getting his hands on Snowden, is ordering his minions to terrify anyone remotely connected with him. From the Oval Office, calls have been made to try to pressure the Judge in the Manning case to put him in prison for as long as possible. The Department of State is still pressuring both the British government and that of Sweden to get their hands on Julian Assange so they can try him for treason and put him in prison for life. This is rather interesting because Assange is not an American citizen so the question of treason is of a kindergarten nature. What all of this motley crew is terrified of are future revelations about their misdeeds. They reason that if the American public gets wind of everything they did, and are doing without interuption by the way, there will be a revolt not seen since 1776.