Voice of the White House

September 20, 2016

Washington, D.C.:
One of the notable aspects of the economic struggles between Russia and the United States is the obvious superiority of Russia's diplomatic maneuverings. Vladimir Putin is always several steps ahead of Obama and his methods of dealing with attacks rivals that of Otto von Bismarck, the German chancellor and statesman. As an example, when the US became determined to get a controlling hand in the Arctic Circle area, potentially very rich in badly needed oil and a major new transportation route, they moved elements of the 25th Infantry Division from Hawaii to Alaska and then intended to deal with Canada to allow US forces to be stationed in the northern Canadian territories. Bases were to be built and troops employed to threaten the Russians. The right-wing Canadian Prime Minister Harper was to be fully cooperative with this and would be expected to call upon Washington for aid in defending Canada against potential Russian aggression. How did the Russians react to this pending threat? In the next Canadian elections they supported liberal Justin Trudeu, clandestinely, and when he got elected Prime Minister, there were no requests for American military assistance. And how, one would ask, was Russia so knowledgeable about American plans? Simply because the Russians have superior computer people and there are no secrets left on the internet, including Galactic level communications.