Voice of the White House

September 20, 2015

Washington, D.C.:
A very informative, and very well-connected, neighbor has been speaking with us about very important, often astonishing, national and international matters. His family connections are beyond question and we have spent the last few weeks making copious notes of our meetings. Let us discuss an entertaining story concerning Central Intelligence Agency officers operating out of the US Embassy in Moscow, involving disguise techniques such as dress-changing when communicating with their informers. Discussed here are disguise techniques used by the wife of CIA agent Robert Hynes. The CIA agent's wife Laura Carlson and the wife of yet another CIA agent, Janice Chisholm, could be observed on surveillance tapes, leaving the U.S. Embassy in Moscow and heading to a coffee shop. Having entered the coffee shop, Chisholm went to the toilet while Carlson waited for her near the door. A while later, a man in a hat went out of the toilet and hastily left the coffee shop. It transpired that this was a U.S. intelligence officer, Timothy Finnegan, and that the brunette who walked into the toilet was actually him. Laura Carlson collected the disguise kit from the toilet. A few minutes later she met her husband Hynes and his colleague Steven Chisholm, whose wife the U.S. spy was made over to look like, in the coffee shop. The spectacle with makeup and impersonations was played out by the foreigners in the hope that CIA officer Timothy Finnegan would shake off Russian counter-intelligence to be able to meet with his informer. Also could be seen is a Russian surveillance video of a man wearing a hat, glasses and a carrying a baby in his hands on a more than one hour long walk in frosty Moscow. The baby turned out to be a doll used as a disguise by CIA agent John Granos, who was expecting to meet a contact. Granos is officially a secretary at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. Other easily observed deceptive methodology used by U.S. intelligence officers have included a transformer bag seized from Ryan Fogle, which easily turned into a rucksack and changed color. Fogle was caught in Russia as he was trying to recruit a Russian FSB officer. He also actively used dress-changing and hid on the floor of a car. It turned out that the spy was using as cover, the minor diplomatic position of third secretary at the political department of the U.S. Embassy. It is also known to the FSB that the CIA has been ordered by Washington to locate and kill Edward Snowden, the American computer specialist, now resident near Moscow. The CIA people have been scouring the Moscow underworld, trying to locate a putative assassin but it is well known that American intelligence does not back up its helpers and at the least sign of trouble, dumps them into the arms of its enemies.