Voice of the White House

March 20, 2020

Washington, D.C.

Hysterical Myths vs. Reality

Coronavirus originated in China. Chinese peasants live with hogs in their back yard, chickens in the kitchen and on and on. A flu based on some animal disease is very common in China. The current flu, Coronavirus, is a lightweight flu, very contagious and of short duration. My informant in the FBI told me that the Chinese were pissed off at Trump for messing with their economy; issuing bombastic threats one day, being pleasant the next. They took a common virus, no more deadly than the common cold, and used it as an excuse to shut down factories that were supplying America retail business with parts. This was to send a warning to Trump to back off. But someone got their hands on the virus and blew it up out of all proportion to reality and has been creating social havoc world-wide. Yes, people die of Coronavirus. But last year, 55,000 (!) Americans died of the standard flu and there was no mass hysteria such as the lunacy we see today. Now Coronavirus could mutate very dangerous but to date has not done so. Either the global media is packed to the line with drooling idiots or there is a general plan to create economic and social havoc in their readers. Perhaps this is a methodology to increase circulation in a media that is shrinking slowly into economic oblivion. If so, when the general public discovers they have been tricked, there will be serious trouble. Elections are coming up and an enraged voting majority has a strong influence with Congress. Recall, sir, that he who touches pitch shall be defiled. John Hopkins has published an excellent study of the relatively harmlessness of Coronavirus and Google is beginning to publish more such articles. A friend who holds a position of importance at Google (in Mountain View, California) has told me, under strict confidence, that his firm has been told to minimize articles that downplay the purported deadliness of the Chinese virus and to bury articles that run counter to the hype thrust.