Voice of the White House

March 20, 2013

Washington, D.C.:
Now that the American print media is dying, advertisers are rushing to the Internet to hawk their wares. Click on a news website and at once ads for useless and unwanted projects pop-up and have to be removed. Who cares if doctors don't want you to know about how you can lose forty pounds of ugly fat overnight with a special product you can now buy? Or rent a condo on some disease-ridden Carribbean island? Or learn how silver is going to be worth a thousand dollars an ounce in a few weeks and you can buy it right here! And the funniest of all are the constant e-mails from Facebook telling you 'Lolita wants to talk with you again!' Facebook and other social sites have such close connections with the FBI, CIA, and other investigative agencies that no one but a desparate fool would ever post personal information on any of them. And note that the Internet II is owned by the FBI, so consider yourself warned. And also ignore the 'news stories' about some inventor from Bad Seepage, Ohio, who had developed a phone scrambler that no one can break into. Yes, they can, and those who like to snoop on everyone have invented this one.