Voice of the White House

June 20, 2008

Washington, D.C.:
“I would say that at least 200 people working here in D.C. are fully aware, and have read the official and highly classified reports, that the oil people are grabbing everything they can here before the pliant and crooked Bush and Cheney have to leave. They want the ability to drill offshore when and where they please and now, with Bush’s help, they are sewing up all the Iraqi oil production with the usual Bush-approved no bid leases. Everything here is now ‘no bid.’ If Halliburton needed $300 billion in U.S. taxpayers' money, Bush would demand it and the ass-kissing Congress would cheerfully give it to him, just like they given the crooked and conspiratorial U.S. telephone companies, like AT&T and their parent company, SBC, a free pass on their connivance with Bush to snoop on all of us. In Washington, money not only talks, it screams. The high gas prices? The Arabs are to blame? Oh no, Bush and Cheney are directly responsible for this. Sweet crude light is now $45 a barrel in Saudi Arabia, although the industry claims this is not so. It is, and their profits are not only obscene and criminal, but they are doing terrible damage to the American economy and driving more and more people here into bankruptcy. The only solution is to nationalize the oil industry, all of it, and then prosecute the thieves who have, entirely on their own, pushed gas to what is going to be $5 a gallon, just in time for the summer vacation driving times. This is not an accident. It will also not be an accident when the price of gas drops a dollar or so after the season is over, but guess what? The price of heating oil will shoot up just in time for winter! Nationalize the oil and prosecute the corporate heads and see how fast the gas prices drop.”