Voice of the White House

January 20, 2016

Washington, D.C.:
There has been ongoing talk about the power of China in the world economic and military fields. In fact, China is on the edge of a major collapse. Her economy is a bubble, she has overpopulation, the glacial sources for her rivers are drying up and a combination of the Gobi desert to the West of Beijing and fumes from the surrounding coal-burning factories have enshrouded the Chinese capital in dense clouds of unbreathable smog. But China, according to an important intercept, is looking with hunger at their northern neighbor, Siberia. Very under-populated, rich in natural resources and fresh water, Siberia looks very tempting to Beijing. The only problem is that Siberia belongs to Russia and the Chinese just can't move en masse into it. Their plan, this report discusses, is to somehow involve Russia and the United States into some kind of major conflict and then move in when the Russians can't spare the troops to stop them. This fascinating material comes from Japan, a country that has been watching Chinese expansionism with some concern.