Voice of the White House

December 20, 2015

Washington, D.C.:
A Russian friend who is connected told me that Russia has now been arming the Kurds, mainly with 'acquired' US military weaponry for use against Turkey. Not just a handgun here and a field telephone there, but heavy duty and very destructive hardware. The Russians hope they can get the Iraqis into a shootout with the Turkish troops now in their country because the Russians will heed the call for help and blast the retreat routes to Turkey, allowing the Iraqi troops to slice and dice. My friend says the Turkish president is livid because the CIA promised him assistance if he went after the Russians but, as usual, they faded quietly away. After all, the CIA started the trouble in Ukraine, and when there was a response from Russian-supported rebels in the east, promised Ukraine NATO and US support. Never happened. Obama said the US would supply the Ukraine with American gas but that ranked with the Easter Bunny legends. That never happened either. Place not your trust in princes or the CIA either.