Voice of the White House

December 20, 2014

Washington, D.C.:
There are three major, and very serious, problems facing the United States, none of which are ever reported in the media. The first is the growing unemployment situation. By off-shoring most heavy industry, American oligarchs initially saved millions of dollars in wages paid to Americans. This might have been an initial boost to their profits, but in the end, it will destroy them. By removing millions of Americans from the employment market, they have created a situation wherein the unemployed cannot afford to buy, let us say, American cars. Look today at the number of new cars on a busy highway and note that there are very few of them compared with earlier times. That is the first problem. The second is the dependence on oil; a product America does not have and must get from outside sources. The national demand for gasoline is immense so the United States is always looking for new sources. Russia is the world's largest producer of oil and gas but instead of dealing with Russia, American policy is to attempt to get control of Russia, as she nearly did in the 1990s, and not have to pay for the oil. This has failed and created terrible economic and political problems and now it emerges that Saudi Arabia, America's primary source for oil, is nearly out of it. And the third problem is the mortgage swindle. Led by Countrywide, millions of faked mortgages were dumped on the American home-buying public and now, it has been conservatively estimated that thanks to a corrupt banking industry and with governmental connivance, seventy million Americans with a home mortgage cannot own their own homes because no one knows who owns their mortgage. The governmental response has been to hide this issue and hope, fingers crossed, that the eventual immense damage will happen after they have retired.