Voice of the White House

December 20, 2012

Washington, D.C.:
It may take some time, but the once-powerful Israeli Lobby will discover that they no longer have the clout they once had. All it took was an order from their Embassy, via Tel Aviv, and all over the Beltway bureaucrats jumped in obedience across the Nation. The big media hastened to obey. But now, following an increasing arrogance, killing of civilians, giving a figurative finger to one and all outside their shaky borders, Israel has lost most of her neighboring support and finally, has begun to lose her influence. Netanahau demanded that Obama bomb Tehran in obedience to Israel's wishes and when he would not, the Israeli Prime Minister went back to his Embassy and called the president an 'ignorant nigger.' We should not forget that when Bibi was living in the United States as a young man, he modelled lady's underware for Bonwit Teller! Look how far Bibi has come! Look how far Bibi is going!