Voice of the White House

October 1, 2011

Washington, D.C.: "The so-called War on Terrorists is an enormously expensive and totally useless political project that is being deliberately, and cynically, used by the government to crack down on any group or individual it wishes to. And, more important, it permits a basis for allowing various official agencies to expand their territory and gain large amounts of operating capital from Congress. Because the world’s Muslim community views the United States to be a powerful ally of Israel and because Israel is constantly pushing America to attack Israel’s Muslim enemies, naturally this country would become, ipso facto, their enemy as well. George Washington said it best, 'No entangling alliances,' but this has long been forgotten. Our government and the power elite of this country that controls the government has not forgotten the potentially very destructive surge of public outrage over the protracted war in Vietnam. They were terrified of huge public demonstrations, domestic violence, threats of the Weathermen and those who believe they control the nation do not want to ever confront this spectre of violent and widespread public unhappiness again. Ergo the imbecilic Tom Ridge mouthing off about ‘Purple Terror Days’ and advocating duct-taping all the windows. This sort of lying does indeed have an effect, but a short term one and eventually, the cries of ‘wolf! wolf!' fall on deaf ears. Instead of abandoning a course that has no profit, the government will blow up a few bridges or commit other easily seen atrocities to bolster their point, and the number of new agents they can add to the bloated ranks of badge-carrying control freaks."