Voice of the White House

November 1, 2009

Washington, D.C.:
“There has been a great deal of toil and trouble concerning the U.S. involvement in Afghanistan. The problem with that backward, tribal country is the fact that we want right of way for an oil pipeline, which we will never get and our beloved CIA is making hundreds of millions of illegal dollars with the opium crops there. And most people do not know that the Taliban was a CIA creation and they are still dealing with each other. The new president and his brother are both CIA paid people and both deal in drugs. The Russians have offered to help us there provided we wipe out the opium fields. Why? Because a flood of heroin is pouring into Russia from Afghanistan opium poppies and killing many young Russians. Our response to this suggestion? No way. So I am putting up the contents of a long, detailed CIA report on their dealings with the Taliban and also pointing out that there is no al Queda. That’s a CIA term for their computer data base on the Taliban, not a terrorist organization. If the American public had any idea of the filthy tricks the Bush people played on the citizenry, there would be an open revolt, believe me. Well, read these selections from an official CIA report. Read it and weep:

In the following excerpts, we will learn the methodology by which the CIA produces disinformation and disseminates it to the public, bypassing the media.

…..(t)he Internet has both plus and minus sides. On the positive side, it can be seen as an integrator of diverse cultures and a rapid way for the business communities, to include international banking, and governments, to keep in constant communication with one another. It has been seen as an effective medium to create a homogenous global community. On the other hand, however, it also has been the means by which terrorist groups are able to keep in communication with each other and keep ahead of interdiction attempts…….. There is no question that the Saudi terrorists who planned the September 11 attacks on American targets made extensive use of the Internet to plan their attacks. It is noted here that American and foreign counter-intelligence agencies were able to “see” what the Atta people were up to but as they often used private codes, an exact interpretation of their specific meanings often led to speculations. For instance, Atta, the chief Saudi terrorist, reported from his headquarters in Florida that

”The semester begins in three more weeks. We’ve obtained 19 confirmations for studies in the faculty of law, the faculty of urban planning, the faculty of fine arts, and the faculty of engineering.”

Even the Israeli Mossad agents working with the Atta group were initially unaware of the meaning of this message. It was discovered later that the so-called facuilty of law, once thought to be the Supreme Court building turned out to be the Capitol building which the Atta people intended to attack while Congress was in session.

Because Muslim terrorists have used, and are using, the Internet to keep in contact with each other and to plan acts of violence, we have taken a page from their book and set up our own specific sites, aimed at gathering in various terrorist organizations. Chief among these masked sites are:

· aloswa.org on which we air our own bin Laden messages and calls for fatwas

· almuhrajiroun.com which we called for fundamentalists to assassinate the then=president of Pakistan, Musharraf. The latter was proving to be too difficult for us to work with and was more interested in taking US funds for his personal gain rather than fighting the Taliban

· alneda.com on which we sent out encrypted and misleading messages to terrorist groups and posted pro-Muslim propaganda.

· 7hj.7hj.com on which we showed interested people how to conduct computer attacks by a means which would at once reveal them to our own experts.

It should be necessary to point out that we are not using the tern ‘al Qaeda’ in this report because this means ‘the base’ or, in actuality, the computer base which we have been keeping on the Taliban and its activities since its inception. Al Qaeda has been used as a blanket term for any Muslim extremist group and does not apply to any specific entity. While we have been successful in convincing the public that this group carried out the September 11 attacks, in fact this attack was carried out by Saudi religious extremists……. The Afghanistan-based Taliban had nothing to do with the attack and, because of our ongoing relationship with them, would never have attempted such actions without our prior knowledge and/or consent. …….

The Internet is gradually replacing the print media in the United States, and elsewhere and because of its diversity, is impossible to control. What can be done, and is being done, is to use the Internet to confuse potential enemies, gain their confidence so they can be exposed or penetrated and to present issues to the public in a manner that we wish. The Internet serves as an excellent, inhouse controlled, source of political and intelligence disinformation.”