Voice of the White House

May 1, 2009

Washington, D.C.: “For years, the far right wing of the Republican party, allied with Evangelical Christians, banking interests, and Jewish groups aimed at establishing an iron-clad dictatorship in this country, a dictatorship that would protect, defend, and advance their respective needs and views. They were so blatantly obvious and clumsy that the electorate eventually abandoned them. The decline and fall of all the right wingers and their various components has been hysterically funny. Old Murdoch, heading into his second childhood, Rush Limbaugh, the voice of the empty barrel, FOX News, and various religious lunatics seem to be unable to grasp the very obvious fact that the great pendulum of public opinion is swinging away from them, and when this pendulum swings, it never stops along the way. I am sending on a typical posting by a Christian group that very accurately reflects the mindless fears of these people. It is pure, and very crude, fright tactics and while this might have had some effect in years past, now it is only of interest to people seeking humor on the Internet or psychologists.”