Voice of the White House

June 1, 2017

Washington, D.C.: It is always a pleasure to watch a skilled man at work, approve of his actions or not, as may be. Vladimir Putin's actions on the global chessboard are those of a skilled man. The CIA, which exerts far too much control over American foreign policy, does not like him because they cannot buy him off as they did Yeltsin. Because the Russians have managed to gain access to top-level American intelligence and domestic internet communications, a well-informed Putin is always many steps ahead of his opponents at Langley. Trump, devoid of diplomatic skills or knowledge of global politics, went to Saudi Arabia and sold them weapons. He rejoiced in this act, which will only further disrupt the Middle East, but Putin made a deal with the Saudis on oil production which will benefit his country's economy. It is a pity that the United States cannot find, somewhere, a leader who is as dedicated to his country's welfare as Putin is for Russia.