Voice of the White House

January 1, 2015

Washington, D.C.:
All over Europe today there is a growing anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant movement. This has been suppressed by the media and denigrated by politicians, but it is real, powerful, and eventually will dictate policy rather than be dictated to by it. Europe and Scandinavia have been over-run by armies of Middle East types and Africans, who are fleeing disruptions in their countries and are seeking more secure lives in states with liberal welfare programs. Where they enter, crime rates soar and the immigrants do not, and will not, integrate with their host country. And terrorist Muslim extremist groups recruit followers from among the youths of these immigrant groups, mostly to fight in Middle East campaigns of violence and terror but the time is surely coming when these recruits will return to their adoptive countries and carry out their anti-white and anti-Christian terror attacks. The same problems were rampant in post World War I Germany when a large army of Polish Ashkenazi Jews were thrown out of Poland and poured into Germany. It was not German Jews Hitler was so opposed to but the Polish Jews who, like their modern-day Muslim immigrants, did not assimilate into German society and did their best to infiltrate and plunder it. The more things change, the more they stay the same.