Voice of the White House

August 1, 2015

We are waiting with baited breath for the next news eruption to occupy our boring life. Another lunatic shoots people in a movie theater, the police riddle a black five year old with bullets because the lollypop he pointed at a cop might have been a machinegun, the state of Georgia sues a man for copyright violations because he dared to reprint their state constitution, and the Greeks have left the headlines and are engaged in mud throwing in advance of being booted out of the collapsing EU. The First World War broke out in August so there is still hope for more excitement for news buffs. Donald Trump is driving most politicians crazy because his anti-immigrant speeches are being well-received from an American public tired of Kumbaya nonsense and rants about brotherood and the loving of neighbors. If Trump ever gets elected to the White House, there will be hell to pay in editorial rooms and other determiners of what the public ought to hear, or not hear. But since Trump's attitudes do not impinge on the activities of the CIA, he is relatively safe from assassination.