Voice of the White House

August 1, 2010

Washington, D.C.: To paraphrase William Butler Yeats, our national structures are starting to fall apart because it is becoming more and more evident that the center cannot hold. The Bush people started the process by taking controls off the business community, no doubt in return for a piece of the pie, and the housing bubble was the cause of the very predictable economic collapse. Also, the Bush people permitted major American business entities to move their operations to much cheaper overseas labor markets. Not only did this deprive the country of taxes but it also blocked millions of young Americans of entry-level jobs. The American dream of a job, a wife and family, a car and a house has now vanished. Corruption and financial manipulation have taken millions of American mortgages, sliced, diced and packaged them for sale abroad so that in essence, Americans do not own their homes and never will because no one knows who owns their mortgage. The public no longer trusts the government and treats the American media as nothing more than a propaganda organ for that government, rendering it useless as a tool for public opinion control. That press tells us, cheerfully, that the economy is rebounding from the collapse. It isnít. Yes, the bankers are making money, the stock market is coming back but the public is not. Home sales are down, income has dropped, buying has fallen off and, worst of all, there is a huge, and growing, part of our current society that cannot find any kind of work. Government support of the jobless cannot continue lest it destroy what is left of the economy and unless, and until, more manufacturing jobs are created in this country, the chances of public revolt grow by the day. Lao Tzu said: 'Spare me from living in interesting times!' I have used this simile before and I will use it again: If you stop up the spout of a boiling tea kettle, the lid will blow off.