Voice of the White House

October 19, 2015

Washington, D.C.:
The situation in the Middle East is volatile in the extreme. The Sunni Muslim Saudis are the ones who have funded ISIS to attack the hated Shiite Muslims in Syria, Iraq, and Iran. The US supplied weapons and the CIA trained the ISIS people but then matters got out of control and ISIS ran amok, butchering everyone in sight and destroying historical monuments. The US probably has the most inept intelligence organizations on the globe and the so-called 'leadership' in Washington is equally inept. Obama shifts this way and that, influenced by different power groups. The one important shift in his policies is anti-Israel in nature. Once, the Jewish community had considerable political influence in the United States because they owned almost all of the American print and television media. With the advent of the Internet, the public turned away from this media and it no longer has much affect on the American public. And the Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is a fat, vicious cross-dresser who is constantly threatening the Arab population of the area and has now, in a stroke of moronic brilliance, begun to attack and close down very sacred Muslim religious sites in Jerusalem. The eruptions of savage violence by young Arabs against the Jewish population are spontaneous and growing. The Israeli response, typical of the people, is more repression and more provocations until it is clearly obvious that very soon a spontaneous jihad will break out and many, many, Israelis will die. So of course will many Arabs, but note that they outnumber the Israelis by 30 to 1 and though many die, in the end, Israel will become a smoking charnel house. And further south, the Russians are backing anti-Saud groups and arming them for the intended overthrow of the Saud dynasty. And what will the US do about all of this? Leap futilely up and down, hooting like hungry monkeys in the zoo at feeding time, filled with sound and fury, signifying nothing.