Voice of the White House

March 19, 2009

Washington, D.C.:
"The unalloyed arrogance of the upper levels of the American banking and financial world is truly amazing. Although the public is outraged at their bonus scandal, they actually are astonished that anyone would dare to question them. Well, with the right wing in power in this country for so long, they have come to expect both respect, obedience and perks and now that the right wing has collapsed completely, the bankers, hedge fund operators, right wing Christian crazies and proto-Fascists are all discredited and, most importantly, out of power. It is totally impossible for anyone I know to believe that four, yes, count them, four, SEC audits would not have disclosed Bernie Madoff's blatant and enormous rip offs. Why, you ask, did Bernie suddenly cop out to his massive thefts? Because in November, he realized that with Bush out of power, he had no more protection and another SEC audit would catch him. Just time to hide more money, tip off his Israeli friends who are banking it there for him and hope for the best. Bernie should be hanged next to George Bush and then someone ought to build a bonfire under the both of them. There would be some local pollution of course but the symbolism would not be lost on the thieving bankers and their crime partners in Congress. And you can rejoice because the awful Sarah Palin, the Moose Queen, and Rush Limbaugh, the fat dope fiend, will lead the Republican party even further into the swamps and all we will hear of them are the final bubbles bursting in the quicksand."