Voice of the White House

July 19, 2017

Washington, D.C.: Fascinating to follow the results of the rapidly melting Greenland and Antarctica glaciers. Some years ago, it was believed that in 4000 years, the seas would rise about .01 cm but now the scientific world is in a state of manic frenzy on the subject. Because of the enormous financial damage rising sea levels will cause, many governments are not willing to spend either the time or money addressing the issue and take refuge in rigged conclusions by whorish scientists. A friend in Boston, and another one in Miami, would disagree that there is no sea level problem but the media, ever obedient to its Master's wishes, either dodges the issue or keeps up the myth that none of this will happen for five hundred years. It is happening now, dudes, and property values all along the east coast of the United States have plunged downward. Perhaps the optimistic government paid scientists could try to convince prospective buyers to purchase valuable coastside property that now is unsalable.