Voice of the White House

February 19, 2017

Washington, D.C.:
One of the most important factors in the progress of what passes for modern civilization is the possession, or control, of oil. At one point, the U.S. produced oil but eventually the fields began to dry up. We allied ourselves with the Saudis because they had a good deal of oil. Now, the balance has shifted. Russia has oil. A number of Shi’ite countries have oil. Russia has made alliances with Iran, the part of Iraq that has oil and Syria which not only has oil but also ports on the Mediterranean. America planners are annoyed at this situation. The U.S. tried to get Russian oil when their man, Yeltsin, was persuaded to de-nationalize Russian oil and offer it for sale. A group of gangsters, backed by Western oil companies, bought up all the Russian oil assets but were then blocked by the new Russian president, Putin. The Saudis started IS but are now out of money and running out of oil. That means that the Saudis will no longer be our allies and the balance of power will certainly shift. The U.S. cannot stand a rival that has its hands on oil so look for the captive press to scream about the rise of another evil empire, one that will need an increase in taxes and military spending to keep America safe from the evil ones and keep her cars on the road. Fortunately, the press has shot itself in the foot and is no longer the powerful moving factor it once was in American domestic political control. And when the Saudis run out of oil, we will have to either nuke Russia and steal the oil or try to deal with them. This might be difficult, given the hate propaganda the oligarchs have generated but in business, what makes money is what is the most important.